Royal Order

Royal Order O/273 Appointing Fahad bin Abdullah Al-Mubarak as an Advisor to the Royal Court



With the help of Allah the Almighty

We, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, the King of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,

after perusal of the Basic Law of Governance issued by Royal Order O/90 dated 27 Sha’ban 1412,

after perusal of the Law of Ministers, Vice Ministers, and Employees of the Excellent Grade issued by Royal Decree D/10 dated 18 Rabi Al-Awwal 1391,

and after perusal of Royal Order O/14 dated 3 Rabi Al-Awwal 1414,

we hereby order the following

First: His Excellency Dr Fahad bin Abdullah bin Abdullatif Al-Mubarak is hereby appointed an advisor to the Royal Court with the rank of minister.

Second: This order of Ours must be communicated to the competent entities for adoption and implementation.

Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud

Issued on: 11/7/1444
Corresponding to: 2/2/2023

Published in Umm Al-Qura 4968 issued on 3 February 2023.